Friday, September 14, 2012

iPhone 5 Release: Meh.

The iPhone 5 came out today to a collective "meh" in the marketplace. 

Here are the top reasons to consider looking elsewhere for a more modern, forward-thinking device based on something Linux-based, like Android:
  1. It's the same d**n phone with a slightly quicker camera shutter, slightly taller screen, and supposedly fast processor (Apple is pretty mum on specs here which signals that it doesn't beat the standard quad-cores floating around the Android space these days). It's likely a dual-core processor and most likely slower than a slew of alternative phones as a result.
  2. Like all things Apple you ALWAYS need to pay for some extra add-on, service, or thing-a-majig to make it work for you.
  3. The adapter and connector have been changed. The EC (European Commission) decided that Apple had to offer a microUSB adapter for the phone (which, of course, isn't free). This doesn't really solve the problem but I'm not shocked that Apple got away with breaking their own agreement.
  4. Camera is still the same. The software is better, but the camera is the same. It's a decent camera, but nothing improved here.
  5. No Google Maps means: no live traffic data, no alternate transportation, no StreetView, and biggest of all, no Google Maps special sauce.
  6. It's really no better than a two year old Samsung or HTC phone with Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean running on it.
  7. For a certain amount of time, the apps that you paid for will all be letterboxed. That is, unless you upgrade them. Based on standard Apple iTunes Store behavior, some will be free and some will be paid..More money to shell out. Yay.
  8. Still no expandable storage. Most Android devices support up to at least 32GB of additional data in the form of a removable SD card. I can tell you that a new SD card is a lot cheaper than the storage upgrade options Apple is offering. That said, the same is true of the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire tablets. It's just an unfair practice all around to charge extra for something that should be an easy in-device add-on.
  9. It still doesn't work with TV, a theatre systems, or computers' DLNA streaming. Basically, you still have to buy an Apple TV to do what is free on Android across multiple, unrelated devices. Can we say unnecessary premiums?
  10. You still have to pay extra to use the WiFi tether. For most carriers, this is free on Android and if it's not, you can likely one-click-root and do it anyway without violating any laws.
  11. Siri might have finally caught up to Google Voice Search in this release, but it's still pretty far behind Google Now.
So, the best you can say for Apple's new iPhone is that they've bested their old iPhone and managed to introduce a few headaches in the "upgrade". I wonder when iPhone faithful will realize that they're being duped?

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