Monday, June 28, 2010

With Great Tech Toys Comes... More Great Tech Toys!

There's been a recent explosion of new gadgetry (both software and hardware) for the Android OS over the past couple of months. Here are some of my favorite discoveries:

ShapeWriter and Swype. Why type when you can swipe a message many times faster and more accurately? As of this writing, I have both installed for free, but I understand that Swype will be exiting beta soon and may have a price tag afterwards. ShapeWriter is also now off the market for free and will be signing licensing deals with individual carriers/phones (up to 50 this year). As long as the price is right (hopefully free!), I'm stickign with this technology. It is light years ahead of other input methods for mobile devices.

RockPlayerBase. Play all kinds of video on your Android device. Excellent app.

Apps Organizer. Forget folders. Tagging/Labeling your apps and then creating shortcuts to the labels is THE best way to organize apps on Android!

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  1. Also thought I would mention SlideIT, which is a replacement keyboard similar to Swype and is available already for Windows Mobile Symbian and Android as a free trial and a paid app.